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Anatoly Ivanov

Director of Photography


- From childhood has been interested in photography and visual arts.
- Winner of extreme sports videography contest in 2016 in Russia.
- Worked as an action camera operator to shoot extreme sports video content for Toyota Olympic Team Russia.
- Desire to add storytelling for production content decided to enter New York Film Academy in Los Angeles to learn narrative cinematography.
- Successfully graduated he collaborated with professional directors to shoot multiple short films. Turned out to be a narrative cinematographer with action lifestyle attitude.
- Camera operator on rollerblades, hover board, snowboard Lighting and grip knowledge
- Work under extreme conditions

Additionals educations


Saint Petersburg State Marine University - Marine Engineer

2005 à 2010

5 year full magister engineering degree. Excellent grade for the final diploma thesis.

Certified 1 Year Programm

New York Film Academy Los Angeles - Cinematography

2019 à 2019


Los Angeles – One Year Certificate – Cinematography – 2019