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Kai Kaldro

Brooklyn (11215) United States

Professional situation

Looking for a job

Professional aspiration

Crew Member/Post Production
From 3 to 5 years
Desired salary
$25,000 to $50,000
Type of contract
Full-time, Part-time, Freelancer
- Editor
- Assistant Camera
- After Effects Artist
- Film, Video and Audio Stock
- Entertainment
- Special Effects


Brooklyn born filmmaker. As a storyteller, explores ideas of perceived reality via the neo-noir and sci-fi action genres. An eager and open-minded crew member who has worked in various roles on set from prop-maker to PA driver. Specializes in editing.

Writer/Director/Editor/Cinematographer of award-winning micro-budgeted romantic neo-noir short "Sinner's Lullaby".

Born April 2001 in Park Slope, Brooklyn to two musicians. Youngest child of four. Had an affinity for films as early as 2007, having made a Spider-Man fan-short with neighborhood kids using Halloween costumes, mom's camcorder, and Windows Movie Maker.

In recent years, developed an affinity for both classic film noir/neo noir and modern sci-fi action, and an aspiration to make movies of these persuasions. While a filmmaker, also a prolific and passionate freelance editor who specializes in reels, promo clips, trailers, and music videos.

Kai’s content is heavy on mysterious atmosphere, special FX, high contrast photography, action, and rock music.

Additional education

Certificate of Completion

New York Film Academy - Editing, Directing, Special FX, Screenwriting

2019 à 2020

Has worked on set in various roles from propmaker to PA driver. A knack for low-budget action/Special FX, and creative problem solving, especially when on budget.


Philm Vandaloo

Assistant Camera/Production Assistant


New York City – One Year – Filmmaking – 2020

Skills / Trainings

Adobe Premiere Pro
Final Cut
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop