How can I find someone?

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Use to search engine in the "directory" tab and enter the 3 first letters of the name/surname of the member you are looking for. 

The search engine will display all the members matching your search (list or gallery), you can then view their profile and get in touch with them. 

 - If you are not a member of the association or if you are not logged in:

You can only search by name and/or surname. The request result will indicate all matching members and list for each member their name, surname, promotion and email address. This is a way to make sure members actually graduated. 

- If you are a member of the association:

To access the advanced search engine, you need to activate your account and log in with your ID (email and password). You can then access the advanced search engine (multi-criteria search): name, surname, promotion, degree, company, geolocation, etc. 

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